Lettuce Toast to Gourmet Box Lunches!

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Rise and Shine Catering has always believed in meeting the needs of the people. Today lives are busier than ever! We are always on the go and it has become a challenge to find the time to eat a healthy meal. With all the research there is today about diets and food, it proves that fast fatty food creates short and a long term health issues.IMG_0368

Food is fuel and if we fuel our bodies with the wrong foods, we won’t have the energy to be efficient through out our day, and worse long term effects on our health.

In turn we decided to create a solution. Time is money and food is fuel.

We created our box lunches to accommodate those busy schedules. We use all fresh ingredients and have a variety of options. All are balanced meals and taste is catered to everyone. The vegetarian diet and meat lovers alike. 


We are partnered with Elabrew Coffee located in beautiful Santa Monica, CA. There we offer a variety of options for on the go eats. Gourmet sandwiches of all sorts and tasty wrap options as well. For a quick snack we also have fresh fruit cups and yogurt parfaits hand made straight from our kitchen.

We are open to create these delectable lunch boxes for your business and have something quick yet healthy to offer your associates. 

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Sandwich and Salad Tasting!

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Gourmet Sandwich and Salad tasting in the kitchen today!










National Sandwich Day!

Happy National Sandwich Day!!!  In honor of today we are showing off some of our great sandwiches! They are perfect for all types of events!

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Photo Aug 24, 12 10 12


photo 5 (4)


photo 1 (2)

Check out the dates and times for Week 7 & 8 for your Tailgater parties!

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Tomato Wasabi Vinaigrette Recipe

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Thanks World of Wasabi for the recipe!


1 Tbs. Namida® Wasabi Paste made with Namida® wasabi powder
2 Tbs. olive oil
4 ripe tomatoes chopped
2 shallots finely chopped
1 Tbs. fresh basil shredded
lemon juice of 1/2 a lemon
salt and pepper
fresh herbs to garnish



1) Heat olive oil in small pan.
2) Stir in tomatoes, shallots and basil.
3) Heat gently for 5 minutes.
4) Take off heat and beat in lemon juice, Namida® Wasabi Paste and seasonings.
5) Keep warm.
6) Pour over prepared dish, garnish with basil and tarragon sprigs, serve at once.

Toss with pasta or mixed greens, for a subtle kick!