Catering Breakfast for Jukin Media

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This week we catered for Jukin Media, one of our most loyal customers. They enjoyed some breakfast, as you can see here two of their lovely employees pose with some scrambled eggs and delectable potatoes. Check them out at and if you’d like for us to cater your next meal and/or event check out the rest of our website! jukinmedia

Rise and Shine Catering BBQs it UP!

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One of our most recent events was a corporate BBQ serving over 1,200 friends and family who came together to enjoy each other’s company and some great food. Some menu items included classics such as hot dogs, BBQ chicken, macaroni & cheese and baked beans. One nontraditional menu item included quinoa with roasted veggies as a vegan alternative to the main entrees (it’s LA, you have to have a vegan option!). Our dedicated chefs grilled the food fresh and on site. From the grill to your plate! Check out these shots of the successful event below!


img_0030img_0041 img_0057img_0059

Happy 104th Birthday to Julia Child

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Perhaps one of the most famous chefs to exist, today marks the 104th birthday of Julia Child! She is most known for her love of French cuisine and bringing it to Americans in her world-renowned book Mastering the Art of French Cooking which still stands the test of time today. Not only did she make French cooking accessible to many Americans but she encourage chefs in the home to actually enjoy cooking as an art or hobby rather than a mindless chore that had to be done. Child’s memory and food continues to live on and will always be recognized as such a contribution to American cuisine. (Crediting as a source and check them out to learn more about Child & photo credit:

Southern California Meets Southern Comfort Food

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Hey y’all! This weekend we had a little taste of southern comfort food and visited Hank’s Seafood Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. There we learned a lot about some of the main staples in southern cuisine like grits, potatoes, collard greens, fried chicken (really fried anything ) and more!

Another huge part of Hank’s southern menu is fresh and local “catches of the day” featuring mussels, crab, shrimp, oysters and a variety of fish which all tastes like they came straight from the sea and onto your plate, which they did, with a little preparation in between of course! Below are some shots that we captured of some delectable plates but they hardly do the taste any justice. collage-2016-07-25


Serving the Wimbledon TV Crew

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If you follow us on Instagram you already know that we got to cater for the Wimbledon TV Crew, so amazing! In light of that we’ve been keeping up with some of the matches. Today for the men’s singles, Federer is going for his 18th grand slam in the semi finals against Raonic. Will he make it?! We’re on the edge of our seats… for more Wimbledon fun follow us on Twitter

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