Join Us at the Taste of LAX Coastal!

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LaExpo2Check us out at the Chamberfest! LA Expo, where we’ll be participating in the “Taste of” LAX Coastal along with other local restaurants. June 23rd, 4:30 to 7:00 pm at the Playa Vista CenterPointe Club. Be there!

Healthy and Local Ingredients: Growing our Organic Vegetable & Herb Garden!

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FullSizeRenderIn an article recently published on, there was discussion of smaller food organizations and the importance of small and local growth. Lucky for us, that is right up our alley. Paul Lightfoot, CEO of BrightFarms (greenhouse farms which operate in or nearby supermarkets) said that, “There’s an explosion in demand for local.” That is, local and fresh produce especially!
From the testimony above to our recent trip made to the rich Napa Valley region, from the farm to the table is everything. Not only for healthier ingredients, but to know the exact source of your food. We value that, so here at Rise and Shine, we are in the beginning stages of cultivating our own organic vegetable and herb garden! This gives us an opportunity to better serve you quality ingredients and even more delicious meals.
To follow us and check out BrightFarms on Twitter, click the links or search our handles @RiseShineCater & @BrightFarms.
See full Fortune article here.

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